Vigilante Features

Security is all about keeping away the unauthorised elements from the secured location. It involves governance and planning,so that no one can sabotage a critical installation

Physical and IT security

We make sure that your organisation / Building is secured from all angles.


We make sure that the CCTVs are actually working in accordance with the SLAs.

Fire fighting

We make sure that there are no fire accidents. Infact we try to proactively access a electrical fire situation.

Street Lights

We make sure that the street lights are on as and when artificial lighting is needed. This helps in energy saving as well.

Exit and entry gates

All exit and entry gates are under surveillance. We stop unauthorized person from entering a secured area.

Log maintenance

All actions under the purview of security can be read from a single location. This is with date and time

Vigilante Deployment Advantage

Real-time Visualize

Most of the cameras are not working when needed the most. Athenta Vigilante makes sure that, all equipments bought for a infrastructure safety are working in tandem. They should be ready to tackle any untoward situation

Safety & Security

Thus tackles with the security equipments on one side 24 X 7. While managing essential security SOPs made for any particular infrastructure. Since vulnerability is based on the nature of the infrastructure

Easy Analysis

Based on the infrastructure type. Vulnerabilities need to be traced. All loop holes should be slowly tracked, corrected and monitored for ever.


Identifies security equipment to its location in the building / factory.With asset details ready on any equipment. All single time failures in each equipment is being counted to a preset threshold

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