Transdaq Features

Transdaq is the manager or managers (MOM) solution for all the subsystems in a urban transport environment.

Electrical network

We can map the entire electrical network of all the stations. From the LT panel to the end device, Viz to the HVAC or the Elevator, etc. So, incase of any electrical problem we can track as to where exactly has the problem occured.

Subsystem management

All infra subsystems can be managed from a single console


We make sure that each of the cameras deployed, along with the access controls, Xray machines, metal detectors are working. With our AI tool, we would add features like face recognition, fire detetction and look towards improving cleanliness across all the stations.

Transdaq Deployment Advantage

Infrastructure Insight

Time synched alarms from difference parts of the railway infrastructure.

Real-time Visualize

While designing, thresholds are set in such a way. That changes in infrastructure parameter can be tapped quickly and acted upon

Operational Efficiency

Optimise asset utilisation in the railways infrastructure. Predicting failures in various equipments. while highlighting productivity losses wherever services are failing. Our endeavour is quick resolution of the daily faced problems

Safety & Security

Improved passenger safety by complete situational awareness at all times

Revenue Generation

Transdaq which is currently being used to manage the railway infrastructure only, should be used by the metro company currently to manage the bus operations also.

Asset Life-cycle

With constant proactive alerts, from the equipments. We get to understand, the efficiency of the production environment round the clock


Identifies equipment to its location in the railways infrastructure. With asset details ready on any equipment

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