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Railway Infrastructure

Demand for “Railways” as a means of public transport is growing as a result of congestion and environmental concern in the developing countries. In the developed world, Railways transport is matured but has rediscovered allure of railways credit goes to its capacity to move huge volumes of freight and passengers in an energy efficient way.

Be it developed or developed economies Railway Infrastructure needs “Sustenance” to meet this huge demand. Railways in itself is an assembly of assets. Thus, to sustain this growing demand, Asset Management becomes a huge challenge.

Athenta’s umbrella management/SCADA is the Nth generation technology, which helps setting up a full fledged “OCC” (Operations control center).

Athenta recommends that apart from Command, control and communication (3Cs),

“Signalling”, should be used inside the trains for passenger’s safety and convenience. The other key features of the solution:

Features of the solution

  • Civic sense on the platforms and rails
  • Security on the platforms and in the overall stations
  • Security inside the coaches
  • Crew management system
  • Inventory management
  • Trend analysis on the increase of regular passengers and tourism
  • Enhanced e-ticketing system
  • For sure, we need to maintain the associated processes along with the “Cs”. It would then render the best of the services to the customers and staff.

An incidence, that could turn into a disaster can be brought under control asap, by reporting back the incident through the fastest possible communication methodology/channel, to the command center, while control mechanism acts and brings the situation under control.

The areas where 3 Cs should be actively involved are:

The areas where 3 Cs should be actively involved are:

  • Station and their platforms involving entry-exit and security
  • Cleanliness in and around the railway stations
  • Can bring in the unique and new Porter facility (while managing the security)
  • Common ticketing for the allied/feeder services along with the rails
  • Enhanced Comfort on the stations to generate more tourist revenues

The 3 Cs together would bring in an integrated approach to the various railway departments. Those are dependent on each other; which would bring in:

  • Interactive common mobility platform
  • Unified and multi function HMI
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Integrated and intelligent control
  • Power supply & its distribution management

Athenta’s one such installation in India is managing the following:

  • Fibre Optic Transmission System
  • Telephone Communication System
  • Tetra Radio System
  • CCTV Video Surveillance System
  • Public Information Display System
  • Public Announcement System
  • Voice Recording System
  • Master Clock
  • Power management from LT panel to all equipments
  • EEssential & Emergency Power Supply Arrangement
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Station Lighting Control
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Water & Drainage system
  • Fire Detection & Suppression System
  • Access control and detection


  • Proactive monitoring (based on thresholds).
  • Co-relation Analysis.
  • Protocol Agnostic – Works with all standard protocols seamlessly.
  • HawkEYE pictorial view, facilitates easy issue identification
  • Extendible to provide a Multi-Tenanted Environment.
  • Built-in SLA Management
  • Built in Escalation Management
  • Intrinsically linked with Service Desk – Automatic Ticket Generation on occurrence of an Incident.

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Athenta’s tools helped HNGIL in energy conservation. Our combined effort led to the President of India’s medal.

Sunil Dubey

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Athenta’s DCIM solution has all ingredients, to manage any large datacenter.

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Athenta’s tools helped HNGIL in energy conservation. Our combined effort led to the President of India’s medal.

Sunil Dubey

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