IIMS Features

IOT platform to manage a industry, Building or a smart city

Surveillance & cleanliness across the city

We make sure that each of the cameras deployed, along with the access control, Entry and exit gates are working properly. With our enhanced AI tools, we would add features like face recognition, crowd management, parking and look towards improving cleanliness across the entire city.

IT infrastructure management

Managing the entire IT setup including the Networks at large in the CCC buillding.

NON IT Infra management

We can monitor and manage all the non IT infra equipments, like DG sets, UPS, LT Panel, Street Lights and Wireless network.

Emergency Response management

We can tackle emergencies like accidents and other emegencies faced by the city dwellers.

SLA management

All SLAs w.r.t network Bandwidth, cameras, IT equipments and non IT equipments are constatnly under check.

Inventory management

Managing the upkeep of the inventories by the city. The idea is to enhance productivity by keeping an eye on the equipments bought by the city for the citizens.

Help-desk and citizen grievance cell

Our solutions boasts of a user friendly helpesk, where citizens can upload their problems and continue to check on the issue, till its resolved. FAQ is part of the tools

IIMS Deployment Advantage

Infrastructure Insight

Production visibility of the city. IIMS gives a 360 degrees view 24 X 7. The success of the tool would be to reach five 9’s. Taking into consideration all possibilities mapped on the business continuity side

Real-time Visualize

Bird’s eye view on complete deployment. Making sure SOE (standard operating environment) designed for the city is getting met.

Operation Efficiency

Optimise asset utilisation in the city infrastructure. Predicting failures in various equipments. while highlighting productivity losses wherever services are failing. Our endeavour is quick resolution of the daily faced problems

Easy Analysis

Analysis and Pattern detection of current & historical data. Say analysis of the street light luminosity vs power used. DG fuel usage round the year, etc

24x7 Reporting

Advanced Reporting to avoid human errors. Predictive reporting to analyse the situation before failures and correcting them, before any losses

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