About DCIM

DCeye focusses on managing all aspects of one or multiple datacenters. Computing power utilised at any stage. Root causes in electrical and IT Networks incase of problems. Mgmt of infra facilities, all from a single console. Athenta DCIM is focussed on increasing the overall productivity of a large datacenter. We can manage all OS's, DB's, Applications along with their security layer from the same tool. DCeye scales from from inventory mgmt to energy reduction using very practical processes with our engineering skills.

DCIM Deployment Advantage


Real time Visualization of all critical Parameters of IT & NON IT equipment


Unique capacity planning capability to optimize the resources


Highly Focussed on improving operational efficiency. Always mapping back to a defined SOE for the DC


We can quickly adapt to a new designed datacenter with absolutely new power, cooling and space requirement. Multiple pre-configured sets


Predictive analysis helps us to be ready for any forth coming change in the project requirement


Identifies equipment to its location in the DC.With asset details ready on any equipment

DCIM Features

Athenta DCIM is the first of its kind in the world. We can manage computational power and the electrical power simultaneiously. An operations management tool (OAMS) along with a top of the line Business intelligence tool is part of the total solution

Look and feel

With the first look itself, we get to understand how is the DC performing.

User access

User accesses can be configured based on the DC governance model.(Role based access)


We notify based on the SLA's and the threshold set. Thresholds can be changed to customer's needs

Impact Analysis

We can anticipate the requirement of power, network bandwidth, computational power, etc over the time.

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards for the "CXOs" and reports for the DC administrators

Value adds for the end users

Athenta DCIM helps DC sales team to offer value added services for their customers (end users)

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