Infrastructure in the Indian Railways

Indian railways is one of the largest railways netwoks in the world, ferrying world's largest population in rail terms. Having said that we still don’t have the kind of infrastructure, which much smaller countries have. Focussing on just the security part of our stations, we would be stupefied that, we are literally at gods mercy. The situations at the stations are so bad that it has affected the effectiveness of the overall efficiency. The situation on ground can be drastically changed by bringing in Athenta's infrastructure management tool.

It would help in managing the following.

  1. Civic sense on the platforms and rails
  2. Security on the platforms and in the overall stations
  3. Crew management for repair and maintenance work
  4. Inventory management of all equipments in the station
  5. Trend analysis on the of regular passengers and tourists.

An incidence, that could turn into a disaster can be brought under control asap, by reporting back the incident through the fastest possible communication methodology/channel, to the command center, while control mechanism acts and brings the situation under control.

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