Datacenter Productivity

A good DCIM tool should focus on increasing opportunities for the DC manager to view atleast the top 5 information of the datacenter. DC manager can act when his/her information is adequate enough to take any operational decision towards improvement of the DC. Largely the popular DCIM tool focuses on racks and environmental parameters, but that hardly helps the datacenter manager to take decisions. Within the DCIM tool, we should have separate sections, which focuses on

  1. Power usage, starting with a electrical SLD.
  2. Provisioning of racks and equipments in the DC.
  3. Analysis of the compute power.
  4. Network management essentials.
  5. Storage management essentials.

Athenta DCIM gives these 5 and 5 more to help the DC manager to take informed decison. If we dont have relevant data, "AI" tools wouldnt make sense. We would recommend the DC manager to put a task together and try to achieve it in a given time frame. The time frame shouldnt be more than a 80 man days, given the size of the DC is 500 racks and beyond. The DCIM tool installed should give all the required information as & when required by the DC manager, helping him to take a informed decision. At no cost can the DC manager can afford outages. Productivity is inversely proportional to outages. If DC managers gets correct information on the top 5 areas. His/her datacenter productivity would be very high.

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