Are CCTV's project costs are well utilised in Cities/Public places in India. Are they working as per the SLAs signed?

It’s the low budget consultants who are failing the Govt.. Their advice is not correct most of the time. We don’t put the right camera at the right place. If the cameras are of good capability, then the bandwidth required for the backbone is not adequate. There are mutiple other points like managing the FOV (field of view), etc. Generally the above two points have wasted a lot of public money. Having said that what would you say, if cameras are not being adequately powered or powered at all.

The only way to get over this problem across our beloved to make sure that the SLA's made for such projects are right and stringent. They certainly should be highly incentivising if implemented well. Since none of the surveillance projects have really done the job so far.

CCTVs have and would never give in ROI, thus public money is not spend on such projects in the United States of America. Having said that United kingdom and China spends a whole deal on surveillance, traffic mgmt,etc since they have been able to use CCTVs effectively. The technical solution needs cameras with some very important accessories and processes, to make sure that the cameras are working. We can do the same in India. Every surveillance and traffic problem is different than the other. We need to plan such projects meticulously and have a blueprint, meeting all SLAs.We need to realise its precious human life, which is at stake.

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