Athenta Partner Program

Athenta Partner Program: Takes your business to the next level with Athenta Edge, our innovative channel program with accelerated rewards and benefits. toPls check out as how Athenta Edge provides you a faster route to revenue, while helping you to embrace the growing IOT business.

As one of the market leaders in the DCIM space, Athenta understands what businesses need to do to succeed. We’re committed to help our partners, since thats the ONLY way to serve the customers better.
Athenta edge is a global partner program, which rewards commitment and builds strong, longer-lasting relationships with our partners.

Athenta Edge offers partners the flexibility to choose their level of participation and achievement of competencies. This means our partners are in full control to quickly progress through the 3 levels of our programs. They access the benefits corresponding to their level of partnership with us. Performance incentives reward partners for their growth, their competencies

Own the Tools

We have world class solutions which manage --

International airports
Mutiple office buildings
Metro staions.
A few Auto majors across the country.

Our tools are certifified for Europe, Americas and APAC. The tool is easy to handle using simple "UI". We call it "Hawkeye".

Getting Started is Easy

Getting started is easy: Pls feel free to call our support desk and sign up for Athenta Partnership program.

Understand what are the programs which are available.

  1. Athenta's Value added distributor for a state/Region
  2. Athenta's IOT partner
  3. Athenta's Enterprise partner

Our Partners

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