About Athenta

Athenta is a product company in the “Infrastructure management space” founded in 2010. Our Enterprise products allow the customers to manage their machined networks (IT and Operations) in real-time.

Athenta would like to help the community at large by analyzing the operational effectiveness of various infrastructure subsystems sold in the market. The analysis done by us is shared with the community to help them buy better. We give incremental assistance by adding the implementation best practices to the above.

Our future ready products and solution integrates with legacy and new systems as per the need of the customer.

We work together with our customers and create an extended family. Their appreciation is the measure of our growth

More than solution providers, we would like to be the advisors in your journey.

Our focus towards the partners and customers is paramount. Sincerity with focus leads to lesser time taken to complete tasks. We have imbibed "Continued Innovation" in all our endeavors.

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