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About Us

Athenta Technologies: Leveraging Game-Changing 'Smart Infrastructure Management Solutions'

M2M is an umbrella term that signifies a large number of underlying technology aspects applicable across the board to almost every industry segment. The statistics around the same are mindboggling in terms of number of devices being talked about. This one statistic – 1 percent Efficiency Gains will lead to $276 billion of savings in 15years – pertains only to Enterprise M2M (as against M2M in B2C space). This should excite most System Integrators as this is in line with their focus on enterprises – they have a huge segment opening up for them.

Athenta is an innovative product company with its products and solutions spanning in M2M Enterprise space.. The customers can manage their machine networks in real-time, converged and integrated manner.

The Athenta engineering Services (AES) platform is vertical agnostic and focuses on Transportation, Datacenter (DCIM) and Smart Infrastructure.

Our products are smart software-embedded appliances running on the AES platform; intelligent devices that can extract, process, instruct & control, as required - eliminating human intervention. They monitor & control all infrastructure elements seamlessly through a unified framework where in servers, storage, databases, transformers, breakers, fire/security/protection, fixed/wireless network, pumps, AFC, PAS/PIDs, HVAC, elevators, escalators and others are monitored via a single browser screen.