Bi Trak Features

Athenta Bi Trak is a low cost BMS tool. It can monitor and manage various installations in any building. The idea is to make sure that the budiling doesn’t get affected, when the infratsurtcure subsystems start mal functioning.

Electrical Network

Electrical power into the building would be measured. The entire electrical network would be mapped digitally

Energy meter reading

Energy meters would be read through out the day and an anlysis would be done, as to which floor or which section of the building is consuming more power than expected.

Managing the HVAC

We can connect to the CPM (chiller plant manager) and esvisage the performance of the HVAC. We can tune it to the need of the building dwellers, across the year during different weather conditions


Managing adequate water distribution across the buildings/campus. Also monitoring the purity of water. adequate supply of water to the cooling towers and the building tanks

Building security

Access control for people and vehicles into and out of the building. Inbuilt visitors management system. Additional AI would help in enhanced security of the building

BI Trak Deployment Advantage

Infrastructure Insight

Complete information individual devices and subsystems for better predictability.

Operation Efficiency

SLA based operations management suite to achieve higher operational efficiency.

Real-time Visualize

Real time bird’s eye view on entire electrical and communications network. With that on each equipments locational details. So that failures can be addressed quicker

Real Alerts

Real time validated alerts by event correlation. We want to fore see impact of any failure to be. Possibly address with predictive threshold designs

Manage Supply & Demand

To understand the amount of power usage. To analyse was it higher or lower than the actual assumption. Similarly amount of Diesel needed for the Back up powered DG sets

Manage Energy

Control & Optimize energy usage to save money and reduce carbon footprint.

Asset Life-cycle

Effective Life cycle management of connected devices


Identifies equipment to its location in the building infrastructure. With asset details ready on any equipment

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